Jazz Ride Cymbal Subdivisions

In this lesson I'll be showing you a few basic ways a basic jazz feel can be subdivided.

The exercise will strengthen your jazz feel, and eventually expand whats possible in improvisation and accompaniment.

The first step is to master this sticking. 

Next, write out the same pattern in 6/4. You can do this by writing out all 12 notes of the pattern but instead of arranging them in four groups of three, arrange them in six groups of two.

Another aspect of this exercise is the use of your voice. I’ve gotten a lot of value from incorporating my voice into exercises while practicing. 

To start, sing the rhythm that's created by the sticking pattern in your right hand. I read an interview with Greggory Hutchinson where he discussed practicing exercises against the ride cymbal pattern while singing the phrase “Walk the Dog.” We will use that concept for this exercise.

Then we will use simple foot patterns to subdivide the hand pattern. The first is a dotted whole note. Once you have mastered this exercise singing the right hand rhythm, go back and play it again singing the right foot rhythm.

Next we will divide the hand pattern into 2 parts using dotted half notes.

Then three half notes.

Four dotted quarter notes.

6 quarter notes.

Its important to have a strong sense of both sides of these rhythms.

The rhythm thats created in your right hand, and the rhythm subdivision in your right foot. 

This exercise is a foundation that you can use to expand your ability by using different hand patterns, as well as using the subdivisions created in your feet as starting points for improvisation using the rhythms scale and other jumping off points for improvisation. 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at andrewjones98@gmail.com.