Primer Level

The Building Blocks of Drumming

Grades 1-3

I've been developing my  "Primer" level curriculum since 2004. The "Primer" level is designed for young drummers in 1st to 3rd grade.

My Primer Level curriculum combines age appropiate classroom teaching methods with the private drum lesson format. 

I encourage parents to sit in on the last 10 minutes of the lesson to observe and participate. Instead of traditional practicing assignments students learn simple games or exercises and students are encouraged to teach them to parents, friends and siblings. 

This program is especially designed to combine how students that age learn, and the skills that they will need for a life time of successful drumming. 

Students who have completed this material with me go confidently into their elementary bands and are leaders among their peer group.

"Andrew is the most caring and professional teacher my son has ever had! Andrew is a master musician. He transfers his vast knowledge and experience through rich, meaningful lessons that cater to students’ interests and abilities. He is patient, personable, and is a wonderful role model for his students. I feel extremely fortunate to say Andrew is my son’s drum teacher!"

-Stacie Grasso- Newburyport